The following statement by ‘Rich Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki blew my mind and changed the way I thought.

“The reason so many people are poor is because they… don’t learn anything about money.

All they know is to go to school and get a job and work hard.

The problem with that is jobs are not assets.

You can get fired right away…

You can’t sell your job, you can’t pawn your job, so what the heck you working for?”

When it comes the Health and Wealth we need to think in terms of Assets and liabilities. Assets give to you. Liabilities take away. With this in mind…

Sick and Tired?


Sick of being a wage slave trading dollars for hours? Work for 40 hours and get paid for 40 hours. There is absolutely no possible way to get ahead.

Tired of watching your body gain weight while feeling it fall apart as your doctor prescribes you a new drug to make things better?

Sick and tired of being a peasant, an ATM machine,  human livestock for the exploitation and profit of someone else?

Me too!!! 🙂

Got a minute?…

I plugged into a system that works if you work it.

Is there a chance we can get togther via Skype for even 28 minutes? I just want to show you what I am doing. There’s a ton of money in it and it’s going to blow your mind.

If you’re interested, drop us a line…


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