Muscle Barbie: Perfect Woman Or Is The Beauty A Beast?

marilyn-monroe-392933_1280In the sharp light of daybreak I was rattled; wobbly. Something jumped inside as if jolted from a knock hammering the door.

“Yes!…Who’s there?!”

“It’s ‘Love At First Sight.'”

“Oh hello, coming to mess with my head, are we?”

“From now to the end of time…”

She was perfect in every way. Her eyes, nose and mouth, even her hands and feet.

As time stood still I made my move, close enough to hear her breath.

She didn’t notice really.

Even when I rapped my arms around her she didn’t seem to care.

A few moments earlier she just passed from her Mother’s womb into a strange new Universe.

She’ll learn to love her Dad. There were just way bigger things on her mind that morning.

My daughter changed me in unexpected ways.

In France especially as Spring approached, I would anticipate with delight the young, sexy Parisian women cat-walking through the Metro on Saturday night.

After I became a Dad I felt my brain going, “Hey, what the Hell’s wrong with you girls? Put some clothes on! Where’s your father?!!!”

Marilyn Monroe is quoted as saying,“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”

The picture above doesn’t look to me like Marilyn Monroe.

It looks like Norma Jean; a natural smile, uncorrupted by fame, before the hold out for 50 cents.

But that’s what ambition does.

It changes you.

Julia Vins was such a pretty young woman before.

Then something snapped and she went off to climb Musclinator Mountain.

Good for her…


I wonder sometimes how I would feel if my daughter came home with a skull tattoo on her arm…

or Botox lips on her face…

or did something like Muscle Barbie to drastically alter the naturally perfect, beautiful girl I once knew.

Would I feel I failed as a Father…

or would I applaude her focus, decisive action and quest for transformation?…

Hmmm, I wonder…