“You Can’t Sell Or Pawn Your Job So What The Heck Are You Working For!”

I don’t know why I’m wired like this but I love to have my mind blown and in the last few posts I went through the latest things freaking me out.lol…

I discovered a video awhile back and the following concept it contained really made my brain hurt.

kids-464652__480“The reason so many people are poor is because they… don’t learn anything about money.

All they know is to go to school and get a job and work hard.

The problem with that is jobs are not assets.

You can get fired right away…

You can’t sell your job, you can’t pawn your job, so what the heck are you working for?” – Rich Dad‘ Robert Kiyosaki 

When I heard this I was like ‘WTF …?’

I jumped in and did the research and it’s basically like this.

You can get rich by winning the lottery but ‘wealth’ is created in only one way; through the acquisition of assets.

What’s the definition of an asset? It’s the opposite of trading dollars for hours.

It’s all about getting paid without you being there.

Kiyosaki lists the 4 asset classes as:

  1. Businesses: a smoothly running corporation
  2. Real estate: Rental property
  3. Paper: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  4. Commodities: Gold, Silver, Oil

What a concept! Receiving money without working for it?

We are taught that this is unethical.

apple-191004_640But I got to thinking.

We had an apple tree in our backyard growing up. My grandma used to make apple pie from those apples.

She didn’t trade dollars for hours to produce them.

They simply arrived.

Almost as if the tree was paying us rent or delicious dividends we could either sell or consume.

Then there is all this interest nowadays about gut health.

Experts say there must be a balance of flora and fauna like you would find in a garden for a vibrant digestive tract.

Even better when this microenvironment is in ‘full bloom’ it produces a host of vitamins and neurotransmitters all by itself.

Your body gets paid without you taking supplements or drugs.

peasant-482727_640So for all the big talk like on, CNBC Squawk Box or from Goldman Sachs or Warren Buffett, all of them are simply financial horticulturists; you heard me…


And maybe that’s why in every culture, all over the world farmers, are demeaned and ridiculed as a peasant class, who are almost but not really a member of the civilized world.

Because if I am correct, the mindset of the farmer is pure Universal Power and the origin of where all true wealth and health originates and competition for the sharecroppers of Wall Street.

So what are we told to work toward?

Fabulous and everlasting it’s:

The 40 Year Plan

  • Go to school
  • Get a job
  • Work hard
  • Save your money
  • Retire
  • So you can spend your wealth trying to hold on to you health?

summer-still-life-779386_640That, my friend, the noble path to be responsible members of society is in fact an Establishment mind control narrative, a hold over from European feudalim and nothing more than an actual road to enslavement!

The good news is because of the Internet, Direct Selling and Marketing along with Email list building  anyone has the opportunity be there very own financial horticulturist.

In Europe they don’t dream.

In America that’s all we do!

Borderline, Feels Like I’m Going To Lose My Mind (VIDEO)

j-_sterling_morton_west_high_school1Until Junior year I went to Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois.

There were hardly any people of color. With a summer tan I was probably one of the darkest ones there.

Coming from middle school you had a choice. You could try to be either a Greaser, a Jock or a Freak. (I know it sounds like a Scorsese movie but that’s the way it was.lol…)

Because of Gym class I got the Jock thing.

But for some reason these 2 groups, Greasers and Freaks had decided to develop their own look and identity.

It was the 70s after all. The 50’s + 60’s = the 70’s?


I just always thought it was interesting to watch freshmen come in and then casually start to change the way the looked depending on which group they wanted to hang out with.

I never morphed into anything.

Once a freak, always a freak. lol…

160907_milo_yiannopolis_f_0575_prt1This got me to thinking.

With the Trumpenstien as President there is NO WAY someone is going to drift to the other side like a Reagan Democrat or an Obama Republican

No one gonna think twice…right?

Enter British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, Social media shock jock and senior editor for Breitbart , Milo ‘Nero’ Yiannopoulos.

If Conservatism IS the NEW Counter Culture with President Trump as Punk Rock’s Donny Rotten, this guy is a full-fledged Rock n Roll Revolution as HELLvis Presley on wheels.

Vocal critic of fourth-wave feminism, Islam, social justice, political correctness, and other movements and ideologies he deems authoritarian or belonging to the “regressive left” this self-described connaisseur of Big Black (you know what), is famous for making statements like:

“I don’t generally employ gays. I don’t trust them. They don’t show up on time. They don’t do the work. They get all queeny with drama. I like straight white men. They do the work. I like black guys for my love life, straight white males as employees, and girls as drinking buddies.”


“I think my legacy might be longer than Trump’s. I’m attacking the disease, not the symptoms. Also, he doesn’t read. But I still love him. And he’s still my daddy. Nobody’s perfect”

On his ‘Dangerous Faggot‘ college tour he relished in triggering the ‘Snowflake Generation’ into fits of hysterical rage. For an in-depth expose on Milo check out this Bloomberg article here.

What I find fascinating is not just the frenzied fury Yiannopoulos is able to ferment but the mind twisting cognitive dissonance he represents.

Imagine Madonna, a champion of the LBGT community with a well known fondness for gay men being totally confused by Milo and pens the song, “Borderline.”

Bm7       B          Em7        A           F#m7
Just try to understand, I’ve given all I can,
Gmaj7      G        A       (Asus4  A)
‘Cause you got the best of me

A          F#                  Bm       A       E
Borderline,  feels like I’m going to lose my mind
Em7               D                A         (Asus4  A)
You just keep on pushing, Milo! Over the borderline

…I swear that what she sings!!! ;D lol…


Do Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Cause Cancer?

No they don’t.

According to County Superior Court Judge Kristi Kapetan, Monsanto does.

Read article Monsanto’s Roundup Must Carry Cancer Warning Label’ here.

Roundup reclassified as glyphosate is now a “probable carcinogen” and it’s EVERYWHERE.

Like your Coca Cola? The corn syrup it’s made from is SOAKED in glyphosate.

Does Trump, Sanders or any political ideology ever enter your body and damage it to the point where the cells freak out and uncontrolably reproduce until you die? lol…

For a display on how to waste energy on things that don’t matter check out the video above.

Prepare for some quality entertainment. 😀