Don’t miss your life – Robin Rolder Exhibition: VIDEO

Photo of article – Armando Esquivel Adame

It was awesome. I forget the exact time but I would go to ‘The Friendly Tap.’ I think it was Wednesday nights and we would turn on the TV and our cable show ‘Street of Open Dreams’ would come on. It was an idea Robin and I came up with to showcase the local scene and the talent that was coming in and out and around the Friendly Tap.

A message in a bottle is boring. Here is a MEMO to the Universe.


The current scene that seems to be rocking Roosevelt Road today?

Robin and I started it!!! lol…

Booze Day Tuesdays… Open Mikes… Moca Magana…

It was ‘Cheers’, with no fear, a kick ass Soundtrack and a cable TV show to match.

Then My mother passed away and I went mental and moved to France but that’s another story…

I was always aware I was surrounded by World Class Talent.

Take the Moist Guitars, Robert “Sprinkles on Drums” and Ray ‘Mondo’ Smith, Thumper on Bass and Flammable Freaking Pam WTF!!! All of them together or separately could share the stage this minute with today’s elite musical acts and rock the roof off.

And the world Robin turned me on to was it’s own type of mind warp.

So much talent.. Such little time.
Some guys in that scene were gigging in the local area and making a living.

One confided in my that he left the world of finance so he could do what he loved making 40k a year in cash.

But that was the exception. I always fascinated how with all this talent we were all still broke. Developing a revenue stream from your creative gifts seemed almost impossible.

But that is not necessary a bad thing. If you get success too early it destroys you as an artist.

Lady GaGa’s ‘Art Flop’ is a perfect example.

The good thing is that with time an ability; an accuracy, a maturity develops where you can begin to gun sling.

You throw punches like always but they land bigger, harder and better.

I could feel this as I was developing my Tonal Painting skills and I can see this in Robins work.

I was so delighted when Robin sent me a Dropbox link of all her pictures. I immediately downloaded them and put them in a ‘Slideshow’ tool and worked out a rough draft.

Robin gave me two folders. This video from the first folder ordered as I downloaded them to my computer.

In honor of our former Television past, I wanted an opening that was like a ‘Charlie Rose’ kind of think.

Something that would feel like a happening…

The music track is done with a French singer who I was hoping to do some gigs with but things didn’t work out. This is one of the first songs I recorded after the feeling in my fingers come back.

There is alot of joy attached to this track for me. It always gives me a good feeling to remember waking up one morning and thinking like ‘YES!!! 100 PERCENT!!! FEELING’S BACK IN MY HAND 100 PERCENT!!!’ and literally jumping for the guitar.

I like it also because it has a Neo-Medusa-Avalon-clubbing-in-my-20s feel to it.

The next video will have less movement and be more of an artistic project. This first one was meant to feel more like an exposition trailer or promo. This next one will try to be more like a work of art.

I have asked one of my closest ever friends Ray Fligel from back in the day to help me with the soundtrack for this. We actually learned guitar together at 7-8-9 years old!lol. We are trying to share a folder in the cloud that we ‘Save to’ while we compose in home studios 2000 miles apart. If we can make this happen it’s going to be awesome!…