Life in Webville



More info has been created, indexed, categorized and searched for since 2010 and now than since the beginning of civilization and 2010.

5,000 BC to 2010 < 2010 to TODAY !!!

The Information Age is over.

The Info Avalanche is here!

So, let’s take a look at the role of Social media

confusionQ: If you think you smell smoke in a crowded theater do you immediately jump up in a panic and run for the door?

A: No. You would simply lean to your left or your right and say ‘Pardon me, but do you smell smoke?’

Social media is our natural human response to manage this impossible tidal wave of info.

Likes and comments quickly help us form opinions without spending the time and energy for a lengthy independent study and analysis ;D

Many tech leaders over dramatize the role of Social Media and the Internet of things in our lives.

Life in Webville 2.0

The truth is since the dawn of Western civilization human beings have congregated in three specific places to have a talk and try to figure things out.

These places are:


the Church, the Bar/Cafe and the Dinner Table.

We find them florishing in every city, town and village in the Western world.

In fact…

merchants-coffee-houseMerchants’ Coffee House / City Tavern was the political, social, and business center of Philadelphia and the brand new United States of America.

Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Paul Revere all ate and drank here.

The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution both owe much to the food and spirits consumed in this building.

We are naturally re-creating these important meeting places digitally as our relationship with information technology matures.

eCommerce Site (Church): Trust

  • Purchases / Reservations
  • Appointments / Directions
  • Testimonials / About

Blog (Pub or Cafe): Community

  • FB / Twitter / Tumblr etc.
  • Friends / Colleagues
  • Personal / Professional

Email (Dinner Table): Private

  • Exclusive
  • Intimate
  • Protected

Don’t Be the Flower Dude

We all want to make money. Life, Liberty and Happiness depend on it. We hold these truths as self-evident, even sacred. So…

Don’t bring a sales pitch to the cafe!!!

Don’t sell on your blog or Social Media!!!

No logos. No products. No services…

Just don’t do it!

flower-guyOtherwise, we’re like one of those flower guys that walks in with a bouquet and tries to sell a flower to everyone he meets.

We want to use our blogs and social media to express our passions not to sell. If we do, not only will people not come, they will run away.

We want to attract people.

So we want to write great content.

We want to tell stories.

We want to give away the most excellent downloads.

We want to engage and cheer on our peeps.

It’s not the place to sell or promote. It’s a place for you to express what really turns you on. It’s a place to show off your expertise. It’s a place to attract like minds.

Sales comes in the form of an eCommerce website or a personalised offer sent to your email list. If you keep these digital places seperate like they are in real life you can build lists attract people of like minds and make offers without turning people off.