person-1317600_640There’s good news and bad.

The good news is great strides in understanding health have been made over the last few decades.

These groundbreaking findings suggest that the following is a science based clinically verified fact.

If you support and promote the structure and function of your body with full spectrum nutrition everyday, magical things can happen.

Kinda like your DNA is the architect, the absorbtion of nutritents is the materials drop and your cells are a 100 trillion strong construction crew.

The bad news Big Pharma sees these breakthroughs as a threat and is summoning all it’s resources and trying every possible way to subvert and suppress this info.

No worries.

Failed theories have darkened and filled the halls of medicine for centuries.

Follow the light dawning on this most recent dark age of medicine and the life you save just may be your own.

No army can stop an idea whose time has come.- Victor Hugo

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