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Lose Weight: As Americans we are the Number #1 most obese nation on Earth. There is a reason for this. We had to so wrong for so long.

Limiting calories, dieting and working out is not essential to lose pounds and keep them off.  In fact, in the long run this strategy CONTRIBUTES to weight gain

The truth is because of modern farming methods the nutrient density in our food supply has vanished.

This is the primary reason our body stores fat. It thinks it is starving.

By using a full spectrum nutrition weight loss ‘system’, you can achieve simple weight loss and attain optimal physical health safely and effectively.

Feel Great: Lose weight naturally without the stress of starvation diets and rigorous excerise. It’s pretty simple:

  • Tune In to the bad stuff you are eating that is hurting you.
  • Turn On to the good stuff that your body needs for repair and rejuvination.
  • Drop Out of stressful envrionmets so your body’s stress response shuts down.

A state of hyper vilagence (i.e. staring at a computer or driving stop and go traffic for hours) freaks out the nervous system.

The hours spent listening to soothing music, praying, meditating or taking walks in nature will do more for your weight loss strategy than those same hours on a treadmill in the gym!

Your body will never transform if it is stuck in a ‘flight or fight’ response. after Tuning in And Turning On, Dropping out and shutting that stress response down is of the hightest importance.

Get Paid: Although this weight loss program is simple to follow, the results are powerful thanks to  the intake of all the essential nutrients your body needs which gives you a sound basis for safe and effective weight management.

If you are thinking clearer, feeling more slim and sexy you have a transformational story you can turn into a revenue stream.

Take your “before” photos, as well as on-going photos so you can see your progress!

You can set up a simple Web Village where you blog out your passions, detail your transformation and build a client email list to make offers to.


Our Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak provides a solid and fundamentally-sound basis for safe and effective weight management.  Your body receives the nutrients it needs, while the simple weight loss system helps you lose fat and get healthy.

Enhance your weight loss experience with this companion kit which will provide you with a great tasting meal replacement shake, blood sugar management, toxicity cleansing, and more.

It’s the perfect complement to your weight loss journey.


With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in many countries, managing weight has proven to be a constant challenge for multitudes of people