Feel Great

Lose weight naturally without the stress of starvation diets and rigorous excerise. It’s pretty simple:

  • Tune In to the bad stuff you are eating that is hurting you.
  • Turn On to the good stuff that your body needs for repair and rejuvination.
  • Drop Out of stressful envrionmets so your body’s stress response shuts down.

A state of hyper vilagence (i.e. staring at a computer or driving stop and go traffic for hours) freaks out the nervous system.

The hours spent listening to soothing music, praying, meditating or taking walks in nature will do more for your weight loss strategy than those same hours on a treadmill in the gym!

Your body will never transform if it is stuck in a ‘flight or fight’ response. after Tuning in And Turning On, Dropping out and shutting that stress response down is of the hightest importance.