Email List Building

cary-grant-392931_640See the image on the left.

If you scroll down it’s also part of a ‘Free Report’ opt-in on the right.

If you click here or there it takes you to a sign up form hosted on the email marketing site MailChimp.

Everything on this blog; everything you are reading from this site to email list building MailChimp account is on a ‘Free’ plan.

I can upgrade to a more robust plan on either site whenever I like.

This cost effectivness and flexibilty is the key to your business and email list building strategy.

Content Is King but Engagement? She Runs the Show.

You want to blog and give away great content to your audience not hit them with sales offers and marketing.

You want a one click workflow that posts to multiple social media accounts at once.

The more awesome sauce you lather on your content, the more sweet offers you giveaway, the bigger your following gets.

The ‘It’s Not Your Fault‘ opt in is a short ‘How to’ report I made quickly one afternon.

It’s a bit of a snarky take on a popular subject.

It’s meant to be fun and thought provoking.

It introduces people to my personality.

It exposes people to valuebale information and is a powerful list building tool.

It attracts people in line with who I am as a person so when I do present an opportunity for sale I can be relaxed and be myself which is priceless when it comes to getting your message across.

The whole point of a big following is the engagement. The more they interact, comment, like, share, join your list, download for free etc… the more likely they will be open to  offers you showcase in webinars and presentations.

If It’s Free It’s For Me

blur-1869900_640Yes, to build your email list you should be offering lots of cool free info like lessons, advice, reports, Top Ten lists etc…

When you first start out you will be experimenting. You want to see what works and what doesn’t.

But you never want to pay to giveaway!!!

So for heaven’s sake, make sure you put away the money hose and do EVERYTHING you can for FREE.

You only want to pay for promotion, Google Ads etc. when you are established and have a healthy revenue stream coming in.

More to come…

We are creating lessons and will publish soon on how to set these sign up Mail Chimp sign up links in for free.

If you understand the power of this strategy and absolutely positively can’t wait and have to get started today,  contact us below.