Bridge The Gap: How To Build A Business That Replaces Your Income

Ryan Martin and Sean Ogle swimming in Thailand

This is an interesting podcast.

So how do you start a business that can replace your income within the next 90 days without putting your financial well-being at risk?

Rule number one: Don’t quit your job!

Rule number two: Master a skill set that you enjoy and will empower you; then make your move and build your business in your free time.

They call the solution a “Bridge Business” which allows you to bridge the gap between employed and entrepreneur.

On his ‘Self Made Man’ podcast Mike Dillard interviews Sean Ogle who details how he went from a life of misery in the financial services industry to building a business around his two passions: Golf and Travel.

We’re not talking millions here.

Sean reveals he makes about $300,000 grand a year off his laptop, doing what he loves, living a life completely free of stress.

Ogle says something interesting. The ‘importance of play’ is a key factor to success, he believes. If you continually grind away, you become less productive as you wear yourself out. Although you may be working tons more hours, less actually gets done.

He says it’s important to blow everything off and schedule something fun once a week. Then when you come back to work you’re relaxed, fresh and can focus easier.

Sounds like a plan, man!

Sean’s main site is

If you are into the golf stuff check out;

Busting The Cholesterol Myth – Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive

A New Wave of Wellness is splashing ashore from all corners of the Medical World.

Today, we’re going to talk about sex and it’s relationship to that big voodoo daddy; Cholesterol.

95% of the information you hear about this topic is just plain WRONG!

The so-called ‘experts’ NEVER address the REAL problem and CAUSE of low libido, which is a HORMONAL IMBALANCE!

That’s it!

If your sex drive and libido isn’t where you want it to be, if you have a hard time getting or maintaining an erection or you’re just not “driven”  when it comes to sex or life in general.

Then the problem is hormonal imbalance which typically means:


And the best type of food that increases testosterone is FAT and more specifically, saturated fats AND Cholesterol.

Now, your probably thinking “You’re insane!!! My Cholesterol is going to go through the roof and I’m going to have a heart attack!”

Nope, not true.

First and foremost, over 80% of the Cholesterol found in your bloodstream is NOT from foods you eat but produced from your LIVER!

You need Cholesterol to produce sex hormones – especially testosterone.

Cholesterol lowers the stress hormone, Cortisol — which does the OPPOSITE of Testosterone.

75 percent of your brain is Cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an essential nutrient.

In fact, without Cholesterol you will eventually die.

What MATTERS is WHERE you get your fats and Cholesterol from.

So don’t go fry up some bacon just yet.

Heating oils, processed vegetable fats, hydrogenated and trans fats are the problem.

We want to focus on HEALTHY fats.

Free range eggs WITH the yolk are top-notch fats you should be eating every day.

The BEST way to eat eggs are RAW. I eat at least 6 raw eggs a day but if you can’t do that, at least keep the yolk runny and soft.

The idea that cholesterol is the cause of any disease or that there is such a thing as GOOD or BAD cholesterol is a complete and total Medical Mythology.

If you are taking a Statin drug to artificially lower your Cholesterol levels and your knocking but nobody’s home downstairs? Now you know the reason why.

No Cure? Whatever…

(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – May contain selfies of a half-naked old man. Do not eat or drink while watching. These images can not be un-seen. By viewing you accept these Terms and Conditions.)

fear-617132_640In 1992 I noticed a grinding, like there was sand at the base of my neck.

By 2002 it was a constant, nagging, debilitating pain.

I saw a chiropractor.

‘So, what’s the prognosis doc.’

‘Well, here’s your X-rays. See this area right here. That’s your C4 and C5 vertebrae. They are at a late stage 3, early stage 4 level of deterioration. At stage 5 they begin to fuse.”

“Fuse?… What could possibly cause something like that.”

“It’s all the sitting we do watching computer and TV screens. Do you have a job seated at a computer?”

“Not really, but I do spend alot of time on a laptop.”

“See what I mean. As we sit there and bend the neck it compresses the vertebrae. Over time the bone and cartilage wear away.”

“What I can do to cure this condition.”

“Cure? Your condition can’t be cured. But we can slow or stop further damage by regular adjustments and focusing on a less acidic, more alkaline diet.”

My Chiropractor was a good man, very patient and conscientious. I drove a long way to see him and his adjustments did give me some relief.

Although by 2013, the fingers of my left hand began to go numb.

But hey, by then I was living in France. Aren’t they supposed to be the Healthcare capital of the World?

Animals On The Pharma

carnet-de-santeIf you ever want to see a grown adult swoon like a pre-teen at a Justin Bieber concert, just ask the French about their government sponsored healthcare system.

I thought all the swooning meant I could show up and say,

“OK gentleman, gotta few problems here. I’d like to see a Chiropractor on Monday, a Nutritionist on Tuesday get some Acupuncture on Wednesday, see a General Practitioner on Thursday, then let me see what’s up and I’ll get back to you.”


Au contraire Pierre!!!

It was clear the same drug dealing monopoly that terrorized my family and I back in the States was a worldwide phenomenon.

But when you have a baby in your arms, you don’t just wish you had answers, you find them.

I finally stumbled on a group of doctors who were part of this New Wave of Wellness. They had their own styles but all basically said the same thing, “Fire your MD, Tune In , Turn On and Drop Out and let your body do the rest.”

I did what they said and it took a few years.

Fear fell into anger; so much pain for so long, for nothing.

Anger sowed the seeds of action, which grew the tree of knowledge from which the fruit of confidence hanged mighty and low.

“What was that doc? Nothing I can do? Gonna be like this forever? Should I be afraid? Really afraid? You say there’s ‘No Cure?’ No kidding…gonna sell me a drug now? Well, do you know what I say?… ”


Do you have any idea how unbelievably good that feels? 😀

Wankers Think Positive, Winners Retrain the Brain – Marisa Peer

Well mate, those aren’t her words exactly but this jolly English bird’s got some interesting insights and sports a right sexy British accent. At first I was like ‘Yeah, whatever…” but at about 9:02 she spins a yarn that made my mouth water. Anytime there’s a fit blonde Brit and I excrete saliva? Bloody hell, I’m paying attention! lol…

Although I don’t believe you can control the mind as easily as she proposes. We all need Tune In, Turn On and Drop Out so the body stops screaming at the brain.

But assuming all’s good under the hood then I’m definitely on board.

Here’s the 4 aspects of the brain she wants us to be aware of.

1) Your mind does exactly what it thinks it wants you to do. If you don’t have what you want you are not collaborating properly with your mind.

2) You mind is hardwired to move you toward pleasure and moving away from pain. This is a survival mechanism but we can choose what we link pain or pleasure to.

3) The way you feel about everything all the time boils down to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself. Collaborate with your brain to change the pictures you keep in your mind and the words you say to yourself.

4) Your mind loves what it is familiar. It’s programmed to keep going over and over again to what is familiar. If you are going to succeed at any level you have to make what is familiar unfamiliar, and what is unfamiliar familiar.

“First make your beliefs, then let your beliefs make you”. Thanks Marisa. Loved the ‘Lemon Lesson’. Keep up the great work! 😀

“You Can’t Sell Or Pawn Your Job So What The Heck Are You Working For!”

I don’t know why I’m wired like this but I love to have my mind blown and in the last few posts I went through the latest things freaking me…

I discovered a video awhile back and the following concept it contained really made my brain hurt.

kids-464652__480“The reason so many people are poor is because they… don’t learn anything about money.

All they know is to go to school and get a job and work hard.

The problem with that is jobs are not assets.

You can get fired right away…

You can’t sell your job, you can’t pawn your job, so what the heck are you working for?” – Rich Dad‘ Robert Kiyosaki 

When I heard this I was like ‘WTF …?’

I jumped in and did the research and it’s basically like this.

You can get rich by winning the lottery but ‘wealth’ is created in only one way; through the acquisition of assets.

What’s the definition of an asset? It’s the opposite of trading dollars for hours.

It’s all about getting paid without you being there.

Kiyosaki lists the 4 asset classes as:

  1. Businesses: a smoothly running corporation
  2. Real estate: Rental property
  3. Paper: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  4. Commodities: Gold, Silver, Oil

What a concept! Receiving money without working for it?

We are taught that this is unethical.

apple-191004_640But I got to thinking.

We had an apple tree in our backyard growing up. My grandma used to make apple pie from those apples.

She didn’t trade dollars for hours to produce them.

They simply arrived.

Almost as if the tree was paying us rent or delicious dividends we could either sell or consume.

Then there is all this interest nowadays about gut health.

Experts say there must be a balance of flora and fauna like you would find in a garden for a vibrant digestive tract.

Even better when this microenvironment is in ‘full bloom’ it produces a host of vitamins and neurotransmitters all by itself.

Your body gets paid without you taking supplements or drugs.

peasant-482727_640So for all the big talk like on, CNBC Squawk Box or from Goldman Sachs or Warren Buffett, all of them are simply financial horticulturists; you heard me…


And maybe that’s why in every culture, all over the world farmers, are demeaned and ridiculed as a peasant class, who are almost but not really a member of the civilized world.

Because if I am correct, the mindset of the farmer is pure Universal Power and the origin of where all true wealth and health originates and competition for the sharecroppers of Wall Street.

So what are we told to work toward?

Fabulous and everlasting it’s:

The 40 Year Plan

  • Go to school
  • Get a job
  • Work hard
  • Save your money
  • Retire
  • So you can spend your wealth trying to hold on to you health?

summer-still-life-779386_640That, my friend, the noble path to be responsible members of society is in fact an Establishment mind control narrative, a hold over from European feudalim and nothing more than an actual road to enslavement!

The good news is because of the Internet, Direct Selling and Marketing along with Email list building  anyone has the opportunity be there very own financial horticulturist.

In Europe they don’t dream.

In America that’s all we do!

Borderline, Feels Like I’m Going To Lose My Mind (VIDEO)

j-_sterling_morton_west_high_school1Until Junior year I went to Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois.

There were hardly any people of color. With a summer tan I was probably one of the darkest ones there.

Coming from middle school you had a choice. You could try to be either a Greaser, a Jock or a Freak. (I know it sounds like a Scorsese movie but that’s the way it…)

Because of Gym class I got the Jock thing.

But for some reason these 2 groups, Greasers and Freaks had decided to develop their own look and identity.

It was the 70s after all. The 50’s + 60’s = the 70’s?


I just always thought it was interesting to watch freshmen come in and then casually start to change the way the looked depending on which group they wanted to hang out with.

I never morphed into anything.

Once a freak, always a freak. lol…

160907_milo_yiannopolis_f_0575_prt1This got me to thinking.

With the Trumpenstien as President there is NO WAY someone is going to drift to the other side like a Reagan Democrat or an Obama Republican

No one gonna think twice…right?

Enter British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, Social media shock jock and senior editor for Breitbart , Milo ‘Nero’ Yiannopoulos.

If Conservatism IS the NEW Counter Culture with President Trump as Punk Rock’s Donny Rotten, this guy is a full-fledged Rock n Roll Revolution as HELLvis Presley on wheels.

Vocal critic of fourth-wave feminism, Islam, social justice, political correctness, and other movements and ideologies he deems authoritarian or belonging to the “regressive left” this self-described connaisseur of Big Black (you know what), is famous for making statements like:

“I don’t generally employ gays. I don’t trust them. They don’t show up on time. They don’t do the work. They get all queeny with drama. I like straight white men. They do the work. I like black guys for my love life, straight white males as employees, and girls as drinking buddies.”


“I think my legacy might be longer than Trump’s. I’m attacking the disease, not the symptoms. Also, he doesn’t read. But I still love him. And he’s still my daddy. Nobody’s perfect”

On his ‘Dangerous Faggot‘ college tour he relished in triggering the ‘Snowflake Generation’ into fits of hysterical rage. For an in-depth expose on Milo check out this Bloomberg article here.

What I find fascinating is not just the frenzied fury Yiannopoulos is able to ferment but the mind twisting cognitive dissonance he represents.

Imagine Madonna, a champion of the LBGT community with a well known fondness for gay men being totally confused by Milo and pens the song, “Borderline.”

Bm7       B          Em7        A           F#m7
Just try to understand, I’ve given all I can,
Gmaj7      G        A       (Asus4  A)
‘Cause you got the best of me

A          F#                  Bm       A       E
Borderline,  feels like I’m going to lose my mind
Em7               D                A         (Asus4  A)
You just keep on pushing, Milo! Over the borderline

…I swear that what she sings!!! ;D lol…


Donny Rotten – Conservatism Is The New Punk Rock?!


Love when this happens…

I remember pressing the $100 dollar headphones I had just bought close to my ears.

The the echo weaving in and out, the tapestry of sound, the production value, it was like nothing I had ever heard, not on a pop album anyway.

The Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was the late 80’s when the Joshua Tree by U2 came out. It was an exciting time.

In that decade both Chicago House and British Punk Rock had re-invented music.

Each were revolutionary and true organic expressions of the people; not something contrived or regurgitated by the boring, profiteering, Record Industry.

It was clear to me; as clear as day, U2’s ‘Joshua Tree’ produced by Brian Eno was an evolution of this populist music movement I loved so much and was immersed in.

This opinion was firmly imprinted as fact in my mind. I never even thought an opposite view was even possible.

I remember clearly talking to a ‘Bad Brains‘, ‘Dead Kennedys‘, ‘Sex Pistols‘ loving Punk Rock friend of mine.

He stopped my gushing about U2 and Brian Eno in mid wag and said ‘You know, there are tons of people who feel like I do that ‘Joshua Tree’ is an absolute, complete and total ‘sell out’ to the Record Companies.’

I looked at him and said , ‘Love it! Even though I never would have thought of it and I couldn’t disagree more, I totally can see that point of view!’

Warner Bros. publicity poster for the Sex Pist...
Warner Bros. publicity poster for the Sex Pistols’ album Never Mind the Bollocks, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So ‘Conservatism is the NEW Counter Culture?’


The mere idea took the top of my head clean off.

What a concept.

So the Establishment that used to scream ‘Blasphemy!’, ‘Heretic!’, ‘You listen to Devil music!’ and burn Elvis records, now…

…yells ‘Xenophobe!’, ‘Misogynist!’, ‘You are Racist!’ and burns college campuses!!!


Never would have never made a connection like that in a million years.

Love when this happens…

Paul Joesph Watson lays it all out in the video below.

Muscle Barbie: Perfect Woman Or Is The Beauty A Beast?

marilyn-monroe-392933_1280In the sharp light of daybreak I was rattled; wobbly. Something jumped inside as if jolted from a knock hammering the door.

“Yes!…Who’s there?!”

“It’s ‘Love At First Sight.'”

“Oh hello, coming to mess with my head, are we?”

“From now to the end of time…”

She was perfect in every way. Her eyes, nose and mouth, even her hands and feet.

As time stood still I made my move, close enough to hear her breath.

She didn’t notice really.

Even when I rapped my arms around her she didn’t seem to care.

A few moments earlier she just passed from her Mother’s womb into a strange new Universe.

She’ll learn to love her Dad. There were just way bigger things on her mind that morning.

My daughter changed me in unexpected ways.

In France especially as Spring approached, I would anticipate with delight the young, sexy Parisian women cat-walking through the Metro on Saturday night.

After I became a Dad I felt my brain going, “Hey, what the Hell’s wrong with you girls? Put some clothes on! Where’s your father?!!!”

Marilyn Monroe is quoted as saying,“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”

The picture above doesn’t look to me like Marilyn Monroe.

It looks like Norma Jean; a natural smile, uncorrupted by fame, before the hold out for 50 cents.

But that’s what ambition does.

It changes you.

Julia Vins was such a pretty young woman before.

Then something snapped and she went off to climb Musclinator Mountain.

Good for her…


I wonder sometimes how I would feel if my daughter came home with a skull tattoo on her arm…

or Botox lips on her face…

or did something like Muscle Barbie to drastically alter the naturally perfect, beautiful girl I once knew.

Would I feel I failed as a Father…

or would I applaude her focus, decisive action and quest for transformation?…

Hmmm, I wonder…

That Extra Hole in Your Gym Shoe: SOLVED

Did you ever wonder what to do with that extra eyelet in your running shoe? It’s actually a very cool feature.

First and foremost, it’s there to help lock your heel in place which is great for preventing blisters and injury to your ankle during long runs or walks.

Second, it holds your laces in place so they won’t untie as easily. The less bending over, the better! lol..

Here’s a quick video on how to lock and load your laces like a champ.

I use this move all the time!

Top 3 YouTube Hacks of All Time

I’m a Life Hack junky. If you have any wacky hack links or articles send them this way. I’ll be happy give you props and link to yo’ stuff. Full article can be seen here.

This was courtesy of Indie Movie producer/director and Life Hack extraordinaire BWAR. A webcast with BWAR will hopefully be coming soon to a video or podcast near you.


3) Start a Video Anywhere

Every have something you wanted to share but the part you wanted to show was halfway through the video.

Here’s the hack that attacks that problem.

You can do this in a few ways.

You can type in &t=YmXXs to the end of the URL as in the example below.

If this is the URL:

You can share 90 seconds in using this:

But the easiets is to pause the video at the time you’d like to share it at, then right-click and choose ‘Copy video URL at current time’.

Cool, no? 😀

2) Make a GIF from a Video

Did you find a GIF-worthy moment? With the move below this hacks a snap.

If below is you URL

change it to this:

You’ll be brought to, where you can chop, crop and drop your GIF to social networks with an easy link or download it for safekeeping!

And now my Number One favorite YouTube Life Hack…

1) Download YouTube Videos

To download a copy of a YouTube video there are a couple of URL shortcuts that easily let you do that.

If you URL is this:

Change it to one of these:

Is that freaking cool or what…

Thanks BWAR! Keep em coming! 😀