Liam lost 65 lbs

Imagine people telling you, “Wow, you’ve lost weight…”, ” looking good, man…”, “Love that pic, you’re hot!”

Imagine being full of confidence, BURNING WITH PASSION, and thinking,

“This is what I want my body and life to look like and this is how I am going to get there.”

And then getting there…

It can happen to you because it happened to me. But it always wasn’t puppy dogs and roses.

“Why Does Everything Suck?”

I came to Paris, France in 2006 with 2 questions in mind, “Why do I feel like crap and why does everything suck!”

From Global Warming, to AIDS, to 9/11 and everything in between made my head spin. But what I could not deal with was my family and friends were literllay being terrorized and tortured by chronic disease; including cancer.

But what made this nightmare unbearable is that the MD directed medical model was completely useless. These were my immediate family and friends and doctors were just throwing drugs at them like it was some kind of game.

I was done. I wanted answers.

Animals On The Pharma

carnet-de-santeIf you ever want to see a grown adult swoon with rapture like a pre-teen at a Justin Bieber concert, just ask the French about their socialized healthcare system.

The swooning I thought meant you ‘d show up and say,

“OK guys, gotta few health problems here. I’d like to see a Chiropractor on Monday, a Nutritionist on Tuesday get some Acupuncture on Wednesday, see a General MD on Thursday, then let me review all the data and I’ll get back to you.”

…Right? Au contraire Pierre!!!

After I had a daughter in France, THEN I saw their neo-feudalistic, medical nightmare in full gear.

Instead of citizens of a Republic the French Healthcare system treats it’s people as peasants of a Medical Monarchy.

Regarded as human livestock they are bound to their drug lords by a tracking dossier called the ‘Carnet de Sante’ (wait for the swoon…) which follows you from birth, through school, work, and to the grave.

Then by 2012-13 my health took a turn for the worse. I began to lose the feeling in the fingers of my left hand.

It was clear the CPPPFH (Clueless Pill Pushing Priests From Hell) were a worldwide phenomenon not just a USA thing.

This was a devastaing world view for me.

But when you have a baby in your arms, you don’t just wish you had answers you find them.

And when I finally found what I was looking for it was hard to take in a way.

The solution proved to be so simple and straightforward that is was to hard to belive at first. It was shocking to see that so many had it so wrong for so long.

Get Your Hopes Up

vid00040-003What I know for a fact is that anyone can do this.

Anyone can reverse the clock and make a move to improve you life like I did.

Health problems and wealth problems have the same root cause.

If you follow the rules anyone can reverse the clock and make a move to improve you life like I did.

Health problems and wealth problems have the same root cause.

If we swap dollars for hours and trade drugs for health, we have accepted life as slaves on a pharmacutical plantatation.

We become human ATM machines for the Medical Industry gone completely insane.

Under these circumstances there is no way to get ahead. There is no way to make up for lost time.

Until now…

You can sink your teeth into this opportunity and change the course of your life today.

Contact us when you’re ready.

a bientot,

Liam Gallegos


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