One Click Workflow

deskYou have a full time job.

When you get home you don’t need any more headaches.

When the mood hits you want to spend a few minutes writing about something that interests you.

Then you want one click to publish automattaclly to multiple social media sites at once.

Get a free account and start bloging about what you love.

Then use the Publicize feature to most to multiple social media accounts with one click. That’s how to build a following fast with out driving yourself crazy.

configuresettings Free Plan

  • Get our own address, like
  • 3 Gs of storage.
  • 200+  themes to choose from.
  • Basic customization: share with your social accounts, and more.
  • Site statistics.
  • Community support in the forums.
  • This plan provides no video storage but you can link to and play videos from YouTube in your posts.
  • May show ads on your site.





The days of publishing and then individually pasting the link into each social media site are over. With one click you automatically share your posts on social networks, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path.


Click on ‘Connect’, confirm the account you’d like to add, and that’s it — simple as that.

Your Welcome 😉